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작성자 Eric Mason 등록일 2014-12-29 조회수 7031
Good afternoon! My name is Eric Mason and I am director of International Student Services at University of Michigan - Flint.

We have noticed quite a few number of students at our campus that have came through programs offered by YES World Group. And considering the number and the quality of the students that we have received, We believe that it would be mutually beneficial for us both if we work out a partnership.

Our school, University of Michigan - Flint, offer variety of academic programs for students to pursue. We were among one of the best universities regionally. Our tuition, considering we are a 4 year institution, is a lot more financially favorable towards students. We also have over 7,000 students and is growing very quickly. And out of those 7,000 students, roughly 10% are from international backgrounds. We greatly value diversity at our campus and in our class environment that we would be more than willing to accept more international students.

We have carefully looked over programs offered by YES World group. And different programs offered by College Consulting program are very structured and efficient that it would be very beneficial for students and we would be more than willing to admit students from these programs. 

We understand that students from Korea are very competitive and ambitious, that they are looking for admission to the best universities in United States. We offer pathway program that gives opportunity for our students to transfer into University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, which is one of the most well known universities in the United States. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor is well known for its strong academic program and is ranked among the best universities in the United States.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could give serious consideration to our partnership proposal. 

Thank you again for the time and consideration you have granted us and are looking forward to your reply.


Eric Mason
Director of International Student Services
University of Michigan - Flint


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