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제 목 Regarding partnership proposal
작성자 admin 등록일 2015-01-13 조회수 5986

Greetings! We are very delighted to hear that you are interested in forming a partnership with us. We here at Yes World Group strives to grant opportunities to learn at a distinguished educational institutions to students around the world. And we believe that your institution, University of Michigan - Flint, is one of the distinguished institution that fits the needs of our students. I believe that students will have great opportunity to receive high level education through your institution and have more opportunities to better themselves for the future career. 


We are extremely interested to hear your proposal and would be more than willing to form the partnership as long as the terms are mutually agreed upon. If you can send us your proposal to our email, college@yesuhak.com, we will contact you as soon as possible. If email is not convenient for you to send us your proposal, we are also open to direct meeting so please let us know!


Thank you!




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