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Words from the ceo

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No matter its size,
a tree can only grow so much on its own.

However, as part of a forest, it contributes to create an ecosystem that is driven by a network of symbiosis. It is the most beautiful and ideal structure, in which one�셲 effort for survival aids others.
Society, however, is often portrayed as the opposite as a jungle of perpetual competition for survival. In order to transit from the anarchic state to a society dictated by peace and interdependence, education serves as the key determining factor.
Thus, the Yes Family strives forward to provide the Korean youth and families with the knowledge of various creative education systems around the world such as Private education in the United States and United Kingdom, public education in Finland, boarding schools in Switzerland, home schooling in Canada and the international schools in India. The Yes Family firmly commits itself to a constant investment and a recruitment of qualified employees to provide world class education to cultivate the leaders of the future.