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Colllege Consulting

As one of the nation’s finest Prestige Boarding Consulting Team, Yes Uhak’s Consulting Team sends a large number of
students to highly selective boarding schools around the world. Our partner schools offer students a rigorous academic
curriculum alongside a variety of opportunities to participate in the arts, theater, athletics, and leadership activities.
This combination of academics and extracurricular activities not only helps students develop as competent individuals in
academics but also as responsible citizens.

“Yes Uhak will add wings to soar into globalized world by being a true companion.”
Daniel Shin, Director of boarding school consulting

  • Ballet
  • Creative Writing
  • Fine Art
  • Music
  • Theater Art

  • Equestrian
  • Golf
  • Fencing
  • Tennis
  • Soccer

  • Germany
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • UK

  • China
  • India

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

  • South Africa